Cleaning Regimen To Control Allergens In Your Home

Allergy season is around the corner and suffering from hay fever can be devastating. Every day we bring an unbelievable amount of allergens into our houses. Leaving doors and windows open let pollen to come inside with the air that’s believed to give us comfort. Your pets bring in allergens from their fur. We bring allergens in our hair and clothes. And contrary to popular belief, the majority of air-conditioning systems don’t filter allergens from the air as much as they assure.

Here are some tips and tricks from leading house cleaning service in Charlotte on how to keep allergen at bay within your house.


Regular vacuuming:

When allergens get through your house, they’ll settle down with other dust compounds on the floor. While these can reenter the air with each step across the carpet, carpeting materials do catch allergens in them. To get rid of allergens fast & efficiently, ensure that you’re vacuuming your home a minimum of one time a week, and occasional carpeting cleaning as well.



Just like vacuuming, dusting is an excellent way to catch allergens & throw them out of your house. You mayn’t wish to apply a conventional duster, as it can make allergens to become airborne instead of trapping them. Wet paper towel and disposable static electricity dust fabrics will catch dust & allergens more efficiently and let you discard them without getting them back into your home.


Air Purification:

When you’re worried about allergens in your house, and your cleaning routine is falling short to deliver, it may be time to clean your air as well. Air purification devices filter air in your house & discard allergens in a manner that an air conditioning system can’t.

Brushing pets:

Pets are probably one of the biggest culprits for bringing allergens into your house. If they go outdoors, they’re probably bringing pollen back inside with their fur. Ensure you brush them when they come back in, and always do a quick vacuum if you find pet fur hanging around your home. It’ll help keep allergies at bay.


You shouldn’t be worried about allergens if you have pets in your home. Here at Furry Friends Clean, we offer pet-friendly house cleaning service in Charlotte. Our crew of seasoned cleaning technician will get into every nook & cranny to get your home spic and span and clear of allergens. You don’t have to suffer this allergy season just because you love pets. Get in touch with us today.

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