The Dirtiest Areas In Your House & How To Keep Them Clean

How filthy is your home? We bet you mightn’t even realize that you live enclosed by dirt. That is because dust is subtle; it slowly accumulates until it turns out to be too thick for you to overlook it.

If you’re like the majority of people, odds are you don’t wish to dwell in a filthy environment. Luckily, Furry Friends Clean can help you find the dustiest areas in your home and clean them professionally. Anyway let’s have a look at some of these dustiest areas in our homes:

Mantles & bookshelves:

These flat surfaces lure people into hoarding so many items such as photo, pens, décor items and even unopened mail. You may already know that clutter is the main invitations for dirt to pile up. Get rid of this clutter & you will already be on the right track in keeping your house dirt free. Moreover, keep in mind not to ignore bookshelves & materials during your regular house cleaning. Steer clear of employing wood or furniture polishes, as they’re massive dirt traps. Just use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe down all these surfaces.

Mantles & bookshelves

The top of your fridge:

How often do you wipe down the top of your refrigerator? Odds are you don’t even give it a consideration. Nevertheless, this is a site where dirt likes to accumulate. Also the coils of our refrigerator are dust magnet, in spite of their location. Always keep in mind to clean the top of your refrigerator. If you wipe it down on a regular basis, you will have an easy time at doing it, as the dirt layer won’t have the liberty to thicken.

The top of your fridge

Light fixtures. Ceiling fans and other such elements:

Most people assume that they can steer clear of dirt on their ceiling fans by simply putting them on high speed until they look like new. Nevertheless, this is not the correct approach to clean your ceiling fan blades. Most probably, you will notice piles of dust flying across your room, creating an even bigger issue. Also, your light fixtures tend to pile up stubborn hoards of dirt. You can steer clear of such situation easily by regularly cleaning your ceiling fans & light fixtures. When you do this, there will not be adequate time for the dirt to accumulate in thick layers.

Ceiling fans and other such elements

Carpets & rugs:

Even though your carpets may look nice & clean, you should know that it’s one of the filthiest regions in your house. You should ensure you vacuum your rugs and carpets a minimum of once a week. If you own a few pets, you may wish to vacuum them more often, to remove all dust before it has a chance to thicken.

Carpets & rugs

Prevent dust from accumulating in the first place by considering house cleaning service in Charlotte from a service provider like Furry Friend Clean.

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