Cleaning Mistakes That Can Make Your Home Dirtier

House cleaning is time consuming & tedious task for which you’ve to plan well. While cleaning, you no doubt have the best intentions, but you’re likely to make some common mistakes. Professional house cleaning services in Charlotte knows the best way to avoid such mistakes. Here are some common cleaning mistakes that are actually making your home dirtier:

Using the same rag all through the home:

Despite cleaning it with a cleaning solution, when you make use of the same rag throughout the home the clothing hangs on to the dirt from the earlier surface & spreads it to whichever surfaces it touches next. That entails bathroom bacteria get wiped onto kitchen counter, the living room and anywhere else that rag is used.

Using the same rag all through the home

Using a feather duster:

Regardless of how much the ads for these dusters speak the feathers “trap & lock dust,” they don’t. These types of dusters are vulnerable to spreading grime around a surface instead of removing it.

Using a feather duster

Throwing any kitchen tool into the dishwasher:

Smaller kitchen appliances such as a zester, garlic press or cheese grater have tiny nooks and corners that a dishwasher is not always able to flash. When you left food in these appliances, it can get moldy & mix into food the next time you look to use it.

Throwing any kitchen tool into the dishwasher

Skipping the sink:

Whether it has a garbage disposal or a standard drain, sinks quickly grow germs because of being a humid environment where food compounds are likely to get trapped. This problem is compounded when standing water or food is left in the sink or the garbage disposal.

Skipping the sink

Spraying cleaners directly on a surface:

Don’t spray cleaners directly on to countertops, furniture or glass as it can cause an accumulation of the solution, leading to greasy surfaces and surfaces. Also this could cause dust and dirt to stick to them more solidly.

Spraying cleaners directly on a surface

Washing a cutting board with dish soap:

While dish soap & hot water take off visible food remains from a cutting board, the cuts in wood & plastic cutting boards trap tiny food compounds. These breed germ that move to any foods you prepare on that cutting board.

Washing a cutting board with dish soap

If you don’t want to make these mistakes then get in touch with a reliable Charlotte House Cleaning Service like Furry Friends Clean. We can clean any type of homes – be it small apartments or multi-family homes. We also can customize a cleaning plan according to your budget and exact cleaning needs.

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