How To Clean Your Home Before The Christmas and New Year

While Christmas is a fun time of the year, also it can be the most hectic. With so many guests to host, gifts galore and big grocery orders to feed everybody, your home can end up looking a bit worse in the time of New Year when all the celebrations are over.

We’ve a few tips to help you steer clear from the Christmas chaos & hopefully a new way of enjoying the most beautiful time of year without too much clutter.


Prepare a pre-Christmas decluttering plan:

For a lot of people, Christmas means more food, more people and more gifts coming through their entry door! This is why it’s an excellent idea to declutter in the run up to the merriment & start making some room for what is approaching. An overcrowded space is never easy to navigate, so prepare in advance.

Start small so that your decluttering schedule can fit into your everyday routine. Start decluttering the areas that may cause you an issue when guests arrive.



Don’t overlook the out-of-sight areas:

Have a good look at what you’re storing, particularly in the high up shelves & cupboards that are difficult to reach and out of sight. Are the stuffs you’re storing as useful to you as the space they could be creating if they went? Sometimes spare rooms become inert, meaning we’ve simply employed it to keep without being watchful as to what we’re actually storing & why. What’s beneath the bed & do you ever actually use it? What’s vital & what simply is not any longer? What’s out of date to your present life? Be brave & let go!



Declutter your cupboards:

With all the extra food arriving, it is time to declutter the freezer, fridge and cupboards. Use the week before Christmas as the ideal time to use the food you have already to make space for Christmas goodies!


Clean the air:

Nothing fuels the feeling of Christmas better than the fragrance of cinnamon, peppermint, and pine cones coming from a festive house. Perfumed candles offer the perfect opportunity to give your house a clean aroma while tying together the entire holiday theme.


Last but not least if you are not sure how to clean your home before the Christmas and New Year, feel free to hire Furry Friends Clean. We offer pre-Christmas cleaning that will get your home ready for the approaching festive time of the year. Call us now to get your Christmas and New Year home cleaning quote.

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