How To Spring Clean Your Home

There’re a lot of reasons to opt for spring cleaning this season. It boosts your output, reduces allergens in your house and improves your mood. Having a spick and span house is an excellent way to retune your focus, and puts you in the right beginning places to conquer spring & summer. Here are some vital spring cleaning tips from a reputed Charlotte house cleaning service provider.


An excellent way to begin your spring cleaning endeavor is to go through your home & collect anything you aren’t using on an everyday basis. If it isn’t serving a purpose discard them. Eliminating your household mess will make spring cleaning effortless. Also you will find your house seems much cleaner just by eliminating the needless stuffs.

The top of your fridge22

Start from the top:

Ensure you start from the top and end with bottom when cleaning your house. That means cleaning your ceilings, fans, window dressings and door frames first. When you first clean the elevated areas, habitually some mess will fall to the floor and it is no issue if your clean your flooring at the end.



Now that you have cleaned from top to bottom, it is time to clean the floors. Sweeping & moping won’t do the job merely.

To clean a carpet, make use of a top-quality vacuum cleaner. Advanced vacuums will in fact eradicate allergens from the air. This is ideal if you’ve pets in your home, or if any member of your family has allergies.

If you’ve wood floors, spring cleaning is an excellent chance to put on a coat of wax. This will make your wood flooring looks beautiful for years to come.



Clean the tiled floor with a neutral pH cleaner. Baking soda & water work well.

Clean your broom:

It might look a bit extra burden to cleaning your cleaning equipment, but brooms are dust magnet. So keep them clean.


Dust all over:

Use a damp cloth to dust all the surfaces in your home. Countertops, bookshelves, furniture legs, bed frames, banisters—anything that can collect dust, need some attention!

Clean steel fixtures:

Stainless steel fixtures look great when they’re gleaming! You can use a mild soap solution, white vinegar, club soda or special steel cleaning solutions to buff & polish your metal wares.

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