Cleaning Homes With Babies And Toddlers Around

Cleaning in homes with infants & toddlers needs balance. On the one hand, you wish surfaces & floors to sparkling clean for your baby’s tummy tie, crawling, falling, eating off the floor, and snooping hands that are frequently touching eyes, going into mouths, and so on.

At the same time, you’ve to be cautious about using hazardous chemicals, fumes, and remains that can do more harm than the original dirt & germ you are striving to clean out. Little one’s skin, eyes and airways are all quite sensitive & vulnerable to irritation from insensitive chemicals. What is more there’s still much that’s unknown regarding other health dangers like endocrine trouble, cancer risk, and so on.

Poisoning – whether it from recurrent exposure to cleaning chemical remains or direct intake of precariously kept solutions is another risk, particularly for curious babies who’re on the move & not always within eyesight.


It sounds very frightening, but not to be worried! There are so many things you can do to keep your house sparkling clean while also lessening risks to toddlers.

Clean as frequently as you can! The longer you let grimes, dirt, stains, scums, oil, etc to rest untreated, the more complicated & tougher to clean they become, needing harsher & more complicated chemicals to clean up efficiently.

Besides increasing your cleaning frequency, adopt practices like taking off shoes outside of the door & grooming pets outdoor to prevent dirt and dust from piercing through your home.

Invest in reputed cleaning products. Reputed cleaning brands may come with a hefty price tag, but because they’ve their reputations to safeguard, they usually invest considerable time in science, safety research, and testing to support their products. The same can’t essentially be said for cheap, no-brand alternatives.


Steer clear of cleaning products with labeling featuring terms like toxic, poison and hazard. Some particular ingredients to stay away from include sodium lauryl sulphate, phthalates, volatile organic compounds, phosphates, fragrances, petroleum-based compounds and anything mentioned as antibacterial, which usually features triclosan, an alleged carcinogen. Keep in mind that, terms like green don’t necessarily means a solution is safe for use around toddlers. At the same time, if something is biodegradable, there’s a genuine chance it is one of the safest choice.

Are you looking for baby-friendly or pet-friendly House Cleaning Service in Charlotte? Look no further than Furry Friends Clean. We value your babies and pets and use the safest cleaning solution out there.

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