What to Do Before Your Charlotte House Cleaner Arrive

If this is your first time hiring a Charlotte house cleaning service, you should know what to do before your cleaner arrives to make the most of their appointment time.

Do pick up household items that may be lying around:

Your cleaner is accountable for deep cleaning your home’s surface, and not cleaning every stuff you own. Tidying up your house & clearing it of mess can help make sure they spend their time cleaning, and not organizing. By picking up after yourself, you certainly can make the most of their time & maximize the service.


Allocate a spot for your misplaced items:

Part of picking up items around your home also entails they are less expected to be misplaced during a cleaning. Particularly with a 1st time cleaning, it can be tough to find out which papers are critical & which can be discarded. And you would not wish your cleaning personnel to have a glance at your papers & determine that for you.

It is wise to sort your papers by your own so you know nothing of value has a possibility of being misplaced during a cleaning. Secure valuables like loose cash, jewelry and small electronics, so those will stay unmoved as well.

You can allocate a place & keep all the belongings you don’t wish to be cleaned there.


Put away your pets:

This relies both on your pet & the cleaner themselves, but it is necessary you let your Charlotte house cleaning service know that you have a pet and take the right action in advance.

Fortunately, here at Furry Friends Clean, we offer pet friendly House Cleaning Service in Charlotte, so you never have to be worried about putting away your furry friend just because of the cleaners are there to clean. We use pet-friendly cleaning products, so your pets won’t be affected at all while we do the cleaning work.


Recognize problem areas that require special attention:

You know your house better than anybody else, so you will have to ensure you’re the cleaner is on the same page in regards to problematic areas.

It is also a wise idea to do a quick check of your house to ensure everything is in working condition & there is no broken stuff. That way you will know for certain if a cleaner is accountable for a damaged possession or if there were previous issues.

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