How To Maintain The Cleanliness Of Your Home With Pet

If you have a furry friend in your house, the great new is researches say you are perhaps happier & healthier. But the bad news is your home quite possible is not.

But fear not! Being a pet-friendly Charlotte house cleaning service provider we have put together our top tried & tested tips to keep your pet-friendly house feeling fresh.

Keep your furry friends clean:

It is time to initiate a pet grooming routine. Though it sounds apparent, but dirt taken off via grooming is dirt not lying around the home. While it is not recommended to use pet shampoo quite regularly, a quick rinse down with normal water can make a big difference. Depending on the breed, you may need trimming or de-shedding on a regular basis.


Use an automatic vacuum:

With a dog, even a non-shedding one, you’ve to vacuum frequently. Apart from dirt, leaves, dog hair and other mess come into your home through their fur and paws, as they like to roll around in the yard. By the time you’re done vacuuming the home, it is time do it once more. We’d recommend a robot vacuum which can even be programmed to run on a fixed schedule.


Keep stain remover close by:

Even the most perfectly trained pet can have an upset stomach or ate something they shouldn’t have eaten. Keep a stain remover close by to manage pet odors & stains. Use it on stains as soon as you come across one, so your possibility for removal is higher.

Cleaning professional contractors working at house

Upgrade your couch:

If you don’t like to push your furry friend off the sofa, then it might be the right time to upgrade your present couch. The incorrect fabric can act as a hair magnet, hold unwanted odors, and show up the smallest amount stain. While looking to upgrade your current couch, opt with leather or firmly woven materials, preferably in an identical shade to your pets. If you can’t afford a new couch, incorporate a pet-friendly throw which can be chucked when required.


Clean your pet’s stuff regularly:

Pet toys, beds, and even leads can produce strong dog odor and all of them should be cleaned frequently. Check if they’re machine washable, or else you can hand wash them in the sink.

Here at Furry Friends Clean, we specialized in pet-friendly House Cleaning Service in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. If you think your pets deserve special attention while you get your house cleaned, feel free to get in touch with us now!

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