COVID-19 FAQ on Pet Cleaning Services

People who have pets in their houses tend to think of them a member of their family? We’re concerned regarding their health and take care of them as do for our kids. A cleaning service shares that affection for animals & we take great care to lessen the stress that pet feels when an unfamiliar person enters their home with our pet-friendly cleaning services. Our cleaners are keen pet lovers and are eager to take care of your pet while taking care of your house cleaning needs. Using the service of an independently owned & operated cleaning firm like Furry Friends Clean you can rest assured that your pets are in safe hands, especially during this critical time of COVID-19 outbreak.

Here are some FAQs on how we offer pet-friendly house cleaning, especially in this deadly virus time.

How you get rid of pet-associated odors:

Pet-associated odors can be very stubborn & tough to mask. Our house cleaning service can eradicate even the strongest of pet odors by using the most pet-friendly non-toxic cleaning agent.

How Do you reduce pet dander in a home?

If your furry friend sheds excessive hair, you may come across pet dander on all your house’s surface. We get rid of you this issue using high-quality HEPA filter vacuums. This high-end tool has great suction power that not just eliminates pet dander & dust on fabric and caret flooring, but also filters allergy-filtering dander from the air inside your house. We even use microfiber cloths & mop pads to trap more dirt and dander than typical cleaning materials.

What cleaning formula you use?

Some house cleaning services depend on chemical cleaning agents such as ammonia and bleach to fight germs and dirt. At Furry Friends Clean, we have made a commitment to the environment and pet-friendly cleaning, so we always use gentle, non-hazardous formulas that are safe both for pets & young kids.

How you are operating during COVID-19?

We are closely monitoring coronavirus & its impact in our community. The wellbeing & safety of our clients is our topmost priority during this difficult time. While we can’t control the brutality or capriciousness of this deadly virus, we certainly take precautionary measures to restrict the spread & impact of COVID-19. We’re presently acting with cautions in our daily operation with essential safety measures following the guidance set forth by CDC, WHO and health agencies operating in our state.

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