Top 5 House Cleaning Hacks To Get You Going

Hacks are destined to be special tricks you probably never knew that save you money, time and sanity. Professional house cleaning services in Charlotte have seen just about everything when it comes to tidying home, and have got bucket loads of cleaning hacks for you.

Nuke your dishwashing sponges:

The dishwashing sponges you have in your home can become revolting with germs and bacteria. Cleaning them in your washing machine can take significant time, so you better put them inside your microwave. Ensure to wet it & observe it as you microwave it for thirty seconds. Allow it to rest for a minute or two prior to removing it since it’ll be hot.

Clean the slotted vents or blinds:

You perhaps don’t have the same tools and supplies as a pro house cleaning service in Charlotte and you have lost the vacuum attachments for the blinds. Not to be worried though! Make use of a damp rag wrapped around a butter knife to clean slotted blinds or vents. This is very easy to arrange as no specialized tools are needed.

Use water stains & soap scum safely:

Make use of vinegar to get rid of water from around faucets safely. Mix dish soap and vinegar in equal parts to eradicate difficult to get rid of soap scum. Let the water stain soak properly and then scrub them away with the help of a sponge or toothbrush.

Spot clean grease:

Cleaning greasy stains from your furniture fabric or carpet is as simple as mixing alcohol & salt. Add one part salt to four parts alcohol & rub it into the stain. Let it dry & then vacuum. You will find a pro cleaning firm has tricks for a wide range of stains, so let them know if you have a difficult to remove the spot. They probably have a tried & true remedy.

Steam clean the microwave:

Place a toothpick and equal amount of vinegar and water in a glass and heat the water to boiling. Cautiously open the microwave door to let out the steam and then wipe the inner side of the microwave. The steam will loosen all the stuck-on food items, so you don’t need to use any nasty chemical cleaning agents.

If you are looking to save your time, energy, and sanity you better get in touch with a professional house cleaning service in Charlotte NC likes Furry Friends Clean. We would love to accommodate your house cleaning needs. 

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