Pet Owners & House Cleaners – A Perfect Combination

Anyone with an animal will agree that pets are usually one of the happiest & messiest addition to any household. Apart from the contentment of giving a homeless creature an abode to dwell, also having pets offer us adequate reasons to open our doors, our hearts, and …our cleaning cabinets.

When it comes to house cleaning pet owners have a special set of concerns. There is the stains, the dander, the accidents, the footprint and the hair. Staying on top if it is important. That is why a lot of people with pets look for pet-friendly house cleaning in Charlotte.

Why call Furry Friends Clean when you own pets?

Cleaning homes with pets is our speciality. We use healthy cleaning supplies that aren’t just safe for you & your household, but also the animals you share your house with.

·         We vacuum with HEPA filtration, which is competent in removing nearly 99% of allergens & pet dander alongside bacteria and pollen.

·         Our crew clean beneath beds, where plenty of pet dander likes to build up.

·         We add eco-friendly solutions into our cleaning regimens, so you can rest assured that we are employing pet-friendly cleaning products.

·         We dust meticulously to eliminate all the dust and dirt they bring in with their paws.

How often should I clean my home when I have pets in it?

Some pet owners use our pet-friendly house cleaning Charlotte on a weekly or bi-monthly basis, so the pet dander & mess never get out of control. We know that taking away pet odour and urine stains are critical to the wellbeing of your house. Irrespective of how you take it, hiring our pet-friendly home cleaning service can immensely enhance the quality of your life & the quality of your relationship with the animals you share it with.

How to hire the best pet-friendly cleaning service?

·         It sounds clear, but you must find a company who talks about their pet services clearly on their official website. If they don’t mention it, odds are they are not the expert in it.

·         Ensure you meet the cleaning service upfront & offer them the opportunity to view your home and meet any pets they will be looking after. See how they interact with the pets to get a feel for whether this will work for you.

·         Get a list of the cleaning products they employ to confirm they are all animal friendly. You can also supply your own.

Call Furry Friends Clean today to enjoy pet-friendly house cleaning in Charlotte of the highest quality. We will take care of your pets just like you do while making your home spick and span. 

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