Common House Cleaning Myths You Must Stay Away From

When it comes to house cleaning, there’re innumerable myths about it. There may be practices that are performed that aren’t as effective as the real ones. These misconceptions about cleaning may be about the method or the cleaning product. Knowing more regarding the misconceptions behind cleaning methods can certainly make your house shine & free of germ.

Bleach is the perfect cleaning agent for all surfaces:

This is a very common myth when it is about house cleaning. Though it is a fact that bleach can slaughter germs fast, but this is not the ideal product when it comes to breaking down the build-up of surfaces. Furthermore, this may be unsafe for the family members and pet in your home. So, you should always appoint a house cleaning service in Charlotte that don’t use bleach in their cleaning solution.

Any cleaning solution will do the job:

Most homeowners simply get a bottle of their desired cleaning products & start spraying everything insights. While there may be some cleaners that are excellent for one work, they may actually be horrible at others. Therefore, it’s critical to read the label of the cleaning solution thoroughly prior to using it. This allows you to pick the appropriate cleaning solution that’d suit the things that you’ll be cleaning.

Vinegar can get rid of all germs:

This is yet another common cleaning myth. Though vinegar can get rid of guck & junk off surfaces, this doesn’t eliminate all germs. It may be helpful for some situations, but unusable in others therefore, it’s critical to pick the cleaning item smartly.

All green cleaning products are safe to use:

A green label doesn’t necessarily mean that the cleaner is safe to use on all surfaces. Furthermore, not all greens are safe to use for your home as well as around your kid. Therefore, it is still best to read the label of the cleaner prior to using it. Not all products on the ‘green’ corner of the local retail store are safe. Hence, it’s still best to make it a habit to read the label of the cleaning products you purchase.

If you need a pet-friendly Charlotte House Cleaning Service, then look no further than Furry Friends Clean. We love cleaning houses with pets. All the products we use in house cleaning are safe both for you and your pets. Call us now if you want to take advantage of our professional House Cleaning Service Charlotte.

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