How A Dirty Home Affects Your Mental & Physical Well-Being

Have you ever discovered yourself with a sense of being overawed about the state of hygiene in your house? You’re not alone! Clutter and messiness put our well-being in danger. Evidence persists to increase in the association between a cluttered home and physical and mental well-being. Here’re 5 ways a filthy home affects your well-being & some solutions to support it.

Air quality:

A home that’s not vacuumed, swept, or dusted regularly may be contributing to terrible air quality consequence in respiratory allergies or ailment. Pet dander, mold, and airborne pathogens can all cause breathing issues & sickness.

Vacuum & dust your air vents on a regular basis. Make use of eco-friendly household cleaners and properly working vacuum to avoid further polluting the indoor air.

Mental clutter:

Marie Kondo, a best-selling author, focused on organizing for constructive mental wellbeing, is famous for a reason. She labels her technique as “magical” because, for several people, the act of organizing, cleaning, and discarding unnecessary stuff is rather freeing.

Select a day & time to manage a particular area of your house that necessitates some sorting, cleaning, and throwing out.

Sleep quality:

Are you cleaning your sheets at least 2 times a month? How frequently are you cleaning other bedding or your mattress? Sweat, skin, oils, and dead skin cells are left behind each night when we take nap. These can seriously impact the quality of your sleep by triggering allergies.

Make a cleaning checklist that includes when your household cleans sheets, bedding, pillows, mattresses and curtains, so they’re done at regular intervals.

Tripping hazards:

Tripping hazards are a concern for the elderly with broken hips or bones. Keeping an organized house means having a place for items keeps them safely out of walking paths.

Cross contamination:

Cross-contamination occurs when germs are transformed from area to another. The kitchen is the main culprit with bacteria like E.coli& salmonella. Contamination can trigger extreme gastrointestinal problems. Not flushing toilets & not keeping the bathroom clean can allow the spread of disease through doorknobs, sink handles, and more. Clean and sterilize bathrooms and kitchens to avoid the spread of disease.

The physical and mental health benefits of keeping a clean house are so critical that if cleaning is not cup of your tea, it’s worth outsourcing professional house cleaning service in Charlotte from Furry Friends Clean. Nothing is more important than your health, particularly in your house where your family spend a considerable amount of time.

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