Tried & Tested Tips to Keep Your Home Pet-Friendly and Clean

If you share your Charlotte house with a furry friend, the good news researchers say you are possibly happier & healthier. The bad news? Your home quite probably is not.

But don’t worry! We have asked the best house cleaning service in Charlotte to share a few tried & tested tips to keep your home pet-friendly and clean.

Set up a pet grooming routine:

Setting up a pet grooming routine is essential if you want to keep your home clean and pet-friendly at the same time. While you should not use pet shampoo regularly, a quick wash down with plain water can make big difference. Relying upon the breed your pet may also need trimming or de-shedding from time to time.

Upgrade your couch:

If you cannot tolerate pushing your furry friend off the sofa it might be time to upgrade your present couch. The incorrect material can act as a hair magnet, grab unwanted smells and show up the slimmest blemish. While searching for a new couch, look to buy leather or firmly woven materials, preferably in an identical shade to your pets. If you cannot afford a new couch, incorporate a pet-friendly throw which can be left in the wash when required.

Invest in a quality vacuum cleaner:

Invest in a pet-appropriate vacuum cleaner to pick up troublesome hairs and help expel odors. You will require an extra-strong suction, a good-quality filter, and good brush action to pull out hair instead of gliding over the surface. Take into account the kind of flooring you’ve in your house and if your furry friends go on the furniture, look to buy one which can manage upholstery as well.

Clean your pet things regularly:

Pet toys, beds, and even leads pick up that strong dog smell, and all need to be cleaned daily. Check if they can be washed on the machine, or else you can wash them manually in the sink. Keep this task aside for a sunny day and let them dry outside where the sun rays will help kill foul smells.

React to pet accidents as soon as possible:

Life with pets means the odd accident? We recommend acting fast and making use of an enzyme-based cleaner to lessen smells.

If pet-friendly Charlotte House Cleaning Service is what you are looking for, you can count on Furry Friends Clean. We will keep the safety of your pets in mind while cleaning your charlotte home.

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