Tried & Tested Tips to Keep Your Home Pet-Friendly and Clean

If you share your Charlotte house with a furry friend, the good news researchers say you are possibly happier & healthier. The bad news? Your home quite probably is not.

But don’t worry! We have asked the best house cleaning service in Charlotte to share a few tried & tested tips to keep your home pet-friendly and clean.

Set up a pet grooming routine:

Setting up a pet grooming routine is essential if you want to keep your home clean and pet-friendly at the same time. While you should not use pet shampoo regularly, a quick wash down with plain water can make big difference. Relying upon the breed your pet may also need trimming or de-shedding from time to time.

Upgrade your couch:

If you cannot tolerate pushing your furry friend off the sofa it might be time to upgrade your present couch. The incorrect material can act as a hair magnet, grab unwanted smells and show up the slimmest blemish. While searching for a new couch, look to buy leather or firmly woven materials, preferably in an identical shade to your pets. If you cannot afford a new couch, incorporate a pet-friendly throw which can be left in the wash when required.

Invest in a quality vacuum cleaner:

Invest in a pet-appropriate vacuum cleaner to pick up troublesome hairs and help expel odors. You will require an extra-strong suction, a good-quality filter, and good brush action to pull out hair instead of gliding over the surface. Take into account the kind of flooring you’ve in your house and if your furry friends go on the furniture, look to buy one which can manage upholstery as well.

Clean your pet things regularly:

Pet toys, beds, and even leads pick up that strong dog smell, and all need to be cleaned daily. Check if they can be washed on the machine, or else you can wash them manually in the sink. Keep this task aside for a sunny day and let them dry outside where the sun rays will help kill foul smells.

React to pet accidents as soon as possible:

Life with pets means the odd accident? We recommend acting fast and making use of an enzyme-based cleaner to lessen smells.

If pet-friendly Charlotte House Cleaning Service is what you are looking for, you can count on Furry Friends Clean. We will keep the safety of your pets in mind while cleaning your charlotte home.

Why Pet Owners Prefer Professional House Cleaning Services

Any animal owner will agree that pets are usually one of the happiest yet messiest addition to any family. Besides the contentment of giving a homeless creature a place to dwell, owning pets also give ample reasons to open our hearts, our doors, and of course our cleaning cabinets. When it comes to house cleaning, pet holders have a special set of concerns. There are the stains, the hair, the dander, the footprints, and the accidents. Staying on top of it is vital. That is why many pet owners want to hire a professional charlotte cleaning service.

Why choose Furry Friends Clean if you own a pet?

Cleaning homes with pets is a bit of a specialty for our cleaning crew. Our deep cleaning procedures accompanied by healthy cleaning supplies are not just safe for your household, but also for the animals you have inside your home.

To your knowledge, animals are more vulnerable to cleaning products than humans are. They’re closer to the ground where the dust particles with all the toxins fall. They even lay on the carpet that’s emitting formaldehyde & harboring hazardous chemicals in the glues and fibers.

Here’s why people want us when it comes to pet-friendly house cleaning services near me:

·         We vacuum with HEPA filtration, which can get rid of up to 99% allergens & pet dander alongside bacteria and pollen.

·         Our cleaning crew clean under beds, where heaps of pet hair like to pile up.

·         We incorporate eco-friendly solutions into our cleaning regimen, so you can rest assured that we are employing pet-safe cleaning products.

·         Our cleaners dust meticulously to remove all the dust and dirt your furry friend bring in with their paws.

·         Our cleaners also hand scrub hard floors, disinfect toilets and wipe down kitchen cabinets.

How often should I clean my home with pets?

Some homeowners use our professional cleaning services in Charlotte NC on a weekly or bi-monthly basis, so that pet hair & messes never get out of control. We know that getting rid of pet odour & urine stains is critical to the health of your house. Irrespective of how you look at it, having a pet-friendly cleaning service can hugely enhance the quality of your life and of course the quality of your bonding with the furry friend you share it with.

Feel free to call us whenever there is a need for pet-friendly house cleaning service near me in Charlotte NC.

Why Choose Biweekly Cleaning Services

Selecting a frequency for your Charlotte house cleaning service can be demanding. At Furry Friends Clean, we provide weekly cleaning, biweekly cleaning, and monthly cleaning services at a reasonable price point. While budget is a critical consideration in selecting the best frequency for your lifestyle, it isn’t the mere one. You also need to balance your household’s schedules, your own time to get ready for cleaning, and how quickly grime and dirt are likely to accumulate in your house. Here we have mentioned 4 reasons why biweekly cleaning services are the best option for you.

Weekly service is too much:

Weekly service no doubt is the most efficient way to keep your house in an immaculate state. Nonetheless, weekly cleaning can be challenging for many homeowners. Some homeowners can’t find one day each week to let strangers into their homes. Other homeowners find it hard to fit weekly cleaning services into their budget. Homes without pets or kids usually don’t make an adequate mess to validate the weekly Charlotte house cleaning service.

Biweekly cleaning keeps your homes healthy:

Things perhaps won’t stay quite as spotless with biweekly service as with weekly cleaning service. Nevertheless. Biweekly cleaning services are still very effective at eradicating allergens from your house, particularly dust & dander.

Regular and meticulous dusting get rids of dust not just from surfaces, but also from the air. Our trained cleaners employ soft microfiber rag to catch and get rid of dust from furniture surfaces, rather than kick it up into the air.

You’ve lesser work to perform in between cleanings than monthly cleaning:

Another advantage of biweekly cleaning is that you don’t need to do nearly as much maintenance in between your cleanings as you do for monthly. Biweekly cleanings are ideal for keeping regular household soils such as soap scum & grease from accumulating in your kitchen and bathroom, without you having to scrub the tubs or rub the stovetop in between. On the contrary, monthly cleaning services often need a little bit more elbow grease on your part in between cleanings – irrespective of how clean your house.

A biweekly cleaning service is the better deal in the long run:

While it technically costs less to have a tour house cleaned one time a month, biweekly services provide you the most cleaning for the least amount of money. The cleaning frequency discount means you pay less per cleaning. Not just that, but because you are spending much less time cleaning your house, you’ve more leisure time to spend on what is critical to you.

Feel free to get in touch with Furry Friends Clean if you are in search of reputable Charlotte House Cleaning & Maid Services at a pocket-friendly price range.

How A Dirty Home Affects Your Mental & Physical Well-Being

Have you ever discovered yourself with a sense of being overawed about the state of hygiene in your house? You’re not alone! Clutter and messiness put our well-being in danger. Evidence persists to increase in the association between a cluttered home and physical and mental well-being. Here’re 5 ways a filthy home affects your well-being & some solutions to support it.

Air quality:

A home that’s not vacuumed, swept, or dusted regularly may be contributing to terrible air quality consequence in respiratory allergies or ailment. Pet dander, mold, and airborne pathogens can all cause breathing issues & sickness.

Vacuum & dust your air vents on a regular basis. Make use of eco-friendly household cleaners and properly working vacuum to avoid further polluting the indoor air.

Mental clutter:

Marie Kondo, a best-selling author, focused on organizing for constructive mental wellbeing, is famous for a reason. She labels her technique as “magical” because, for several people, the act of organizing, cleaning, and discarding unnecessary stuff is rather freeing.

Select a day & time to manage a particular area of your house that necessitates some sorting, cleaning, and throwing out.

Sleep quality:

Are you cleaning your sheets at least 2 times a month? How frequently are you cleaning other bedding or your mattress? Sweat, skin, oils, and dead skin cells are left behind each night when we take nap. These can seriously impact the quality of your sleep by triggering allergies.

Make a cleaning checklist that includes when your household cleans sheets, bedding, pillows, mattresses and curtains, so they’re done at regular intervals.

Tripping hazards:

Tripping hazards are a concern for the elderly with broken hips or bones. Keeping an organized house means having a place for items keeps them safely out of walking paths.

Cross contamination:

Cross-contamination occurs when germs are transformed from area to another. The kitchen is the main culprit with bacteria like E.coli& salmonella. Contamination can trigger extreme gastrointestinal problems. Not flushing toilets & not keeping the bathroom clean can allow the spread of disease through doorknobs, sink handles, and more. Clean and sterilize bathrooms and kitchens to avoid the spread of disease.

The physical and mental health benefits of keeping a clean house are so critical that if cleaning is not cup of your tea, it’s worth outsourcing professional house cleaning service in Charlotte from Furry Friends Clean. Nothing is more important than your health, particularly in your house where your family spend a considerable amount of time.

Why Professional House Cleaning Is Essential During COVID

If the COVID pandemic has you stuck at home, it may not look essential to appoint professional cleaners. After all, it may look like you have adequate time to clean &disinfect yourself. However, working from home & taking care of kids takes up too much time, leaving you with very little time to rest or relax.

This is why hiring a professional house cleaning service in Charlotte during COVID-19 can make sure your house is correctly sanitized without taking more of your time. The advantages are numerous, whether you book regular cleaning services or a one-time deep clean.

Prevent the spreading of the virus:

The apparent advantage of appointing pro cleaners is preventing the spread of the virus. Pro cleaners employ safe & effective cleaning supplies to make sure your space is cleaned & disinfected properly. While the chemicals & cleaner are tough enough to eradicate the virus from your house, they’re also safe enough for your kids and pets. Rest assured that a professional house cleaning service will put your mind at ease.

Safeguard your family & guests:

As restrictions start to lift, more & more people are visiting family and friends in small batches. Whether you have a friend coming for dinner or family visiting for a weekend, you wish your guests to feel safe. Booking professional cleaning services prior to you have guests can help sanitize your surfaces & flooring to keep the virus at bay. A clean house will put your guests at ease while safeguarding their health.

You may express worry over having cleaners in your house during this pandemic situation. However, it’s critical to keep in mind that pro cleaners will take all the essential safety measures to safeguard you & your house. From wearing the right protective gear to maintaining social distance, professional cleaning services lessen the risk of spreading the virus while cleaning your home.

Safeguard your mental wellbeing:

A clean home can help you feel calmer and happier. The coronavirus has already brought on stress – so you better avoid cleaning your home to the list. By appointing a pro cleaning service like Furry Friends Clean, you can relish a clean house without adding to your to-do list.

We comprehend the challenges that come with COVID-19. Therefore we work with our clients to fit in their schedule & the unique needs of their home.

If you are in search of a professional house cleaning service in Charlotte during this COVID time, Furry Friends Clean is your answer. Our professional cleaners are trained to follow health & safety guidelines, properly clean & disinfect your home, and safeguard you and your house.

What To Look For When Looking For A House Cleaner

Finding a reliable Charlotte house cleaning service can be a big challenge, especially if you have not tried one before. After all, giving an unfamiliar person access to your house is frightening. Though homeowners may be ambiguous initially, they often decide appointing cleaners is worth the cost as it saves them plenty of time & energy.

Listed below are a few tips on how to go about when looking for a professional house cleaner:

Get recommendations:

Your best sources to find a reliable cleaning service are friends, family, neighbours and co-workers. Personal recommendations are undoubtedly the best way to get a sense of a potential house cleaner’s work ethic, level of accountability, and reliability.

Make a list of needs beforehand:

Even if you have had a house cleaning team before, now is the time to asses or reassess your requirements. Probably your situation has changed, and you need more or lesser cleanings per month. Perhaps particular rooms need only a dusting in place of a full-blown cleaning during each visit. Pets and kids might have arrived or departed. Was there something your former cleaning service did not do to your liking but did not seem worth mentioning? Write it down so you don’t forget to bring it up.

Schedule a meet & greet:

Whether you are appointing an individual cleaner or a full team, you’ve to meet the service provider for an honest conversation. Ask them to explain what services they do & don’t offer. Discuss your expectations and articulate any issues with former housekeepers. Conduct a thorough room-by-room walk-through. Point out any problematic areas. It is essential that you communicate clearly about the details that you’re picky about.

Comprehend what “bonded & insured” actually means:

Services that advertise bonded entail they have a kind of bond that safeguards the firm from theft by workers. It does not safeguard the homeowners. Instead, professional services should carry general liability insurance to safeguard you if the cleaner unintentionally breaks a window, as well as workers’ compensation insurance. Ask for a duplicate of the certificate of coverage. A professional company will be happy to give it. In case you appoint an individual cleaner, check with your insurance agent to find out if workers’ compensation is part of your homeowner’s policy. If not, it generally costs just a few dollars to add & covers medical care and lost wages if your cleaner gets injured in your house.

Contact Furry Friends Clean if you are looking for a Charlotte House Cleaning Service that is insured and bonded.

Why Professional House Cleaning Service in Charlotte Is A Must

Maintaining cleanliness in your home takes time & energy. Irrespective of how diligent you are with your daily tasks, your house will require a deeper, more thorough cleaning. Instead of pulling out the buckets, mops, brushes, and special cleaning agents, why don’t you hire a professional Charlotte house cleaning service from Is furry Friends Clean? We’re here to make your life a whole lot easier.

Still not convinced why you need professional house cleaning service in Charlotte? Let’s find out a few convincing one here:

You get to enjoy healthy indoor air:

We all want to inhale clean and healthy hair. Sadly, the presence of dust, dirt, pet dander, allergens and other unhealthy pollutants will accumulate over time. A thorough, professional cleaning is a critical aspect in keeping your indoor air, clean, healthy and fresh.

Carpet, area rugs, air duct, blinds, drapes, and upholstered furnishing all attract dirt and dust. These need to be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid buildup. At Furry Friends Clean, we employ the most advanced processes & equipment for a regularly scheduled deep cleaning. Since we are a pet-friendly house cleaning service, you can rest assured that your pets are in safe hands when we deep clean your house.

You are bound to enjoy long term savings:

Your drapes, blinds, carpets and furniture are valuable. Without regular deep cleaning, they start to deteriorate. Drape, upholstery and carpet fabric fibers break down, and blinds lose their smooth surface. Luckily, you can maintain the lifespan of these costly items by scheduling regular house cleaning from us.

The right knowledge and tools do a better job:

Irrespective of how hard you mop or scrub, the tools & products you use don’t work as well as the pro cleaning equipment employed by our professional cleaners. We are residential cleaning experts and our 15 years of experience in the industry has led us to develop some of the most advanced cleaning tools & methods in the world.

Baseboards, nooks and corners:

Irrespective of how frequently or how meticulously you mop, scrub, and vacuum, dust and dirt are tough to remove from baseboards, corners, and where the walls meet the flooring. It’s great to come home & find that your whole house is spick and span – including those difficult to reach areas. We have all the skills and tools to clean those hard to reach areas with absolute professionalism.

Call us now to schedule our professional Charlotte House Cleaning Service at a pocket-friendly price.

Common House Cleaning Myths You Must Stay Away From

When it comes to house cleaning, there’re innumerable myths about it. There may be practices that are performed that aren’t as effective as the real ones. These misconceptions about cleaning may be about the method or the cleaning product. Knowing more regarding the misconceptions behind cleaning methods can certainly make your house shine & free of germ.

Bleach is the perfect cleaning agent for all surfaces:

This is a very common myth when it is about house cleaning. Though it is a fact that bleach can slaughter germs fast, but this is not the ideal product when it comes to breaking down the build-up of surfaces. Furthermore, this may be unsafe for the family members and pet in your home. So, you should always appoint a house cleaning service in Charlotte that don’t use bleach in their cleaning solution.

Any cleaning solution will do the job:

Most homeowners simply get a bottle of their desired cleaning products & start spraying everything insights. While there may be some cleaners that are excellent for one work, they may actually be horrible at others. Therefore, it’s critical to read the label of the cleaning solution thoroughly prior to using it. This allows you to pick the appropriate cleaning solution that’d suit the things that you’ll be cleaning.

Vinegar can get rid of all germs:

This is yet another common cleaning myth. Though vinegar can get rid of guck & junk off surfaces, this doesn’t eliminate all germs. It may be helpful for some situations, but unusable in others therefore, it’s critical to pick the cleaning item smartly.

All green cleaning products are safe to use:

A green label doesn’t necessarily mean that the cleaner is safe to use on all surfaces. Furthermore, not all greens are safe to use for your home as well as around your kid. Therefore, it is still best to read the label of the cleaner prior to using it. Not all products on the ‘green’ corner of the local retail store are safe. Hence, it’s still best to make it a habit to read the label of the cleaning products you purchase.

If you need a pet-friendly Charlotte House Cleaning Service, then look no further than Furry Friends Clean. We love cleaning houses with pets. All the products we use in house cleaning are safe both for you and your pets. Call us now if you want to take advantage of our professional House Cleaning Service Charlotte.

Qualities Your House Cleaning Service in Charlotte Must Possess

Great! You have decided to appoint a house cleaning service in Charlotte to help take care of your home chores? But how do you pick the right firm? What are the red flags? You will possibly spend hours researching options online & checking out the services nearby you, but what should you look for in the best Charlotte cleaning service

Trustworthy references:

A reliable home cleaning firm will have references for sure. Relying upon how long they’ve been in business, they must have a history of quality service. Online reviews are perhaps a reliable place to begin. The best house cleaning service in Charlotte will have adequate client testimonials ready for you.

Flexible schedule:

You have a busy life & you need your house cleaning company work around your schedule. Top-quality maid service needs to be flexible enough to work around their clients’ schedule.

Depending on your family, it may be a nice idea to make sure how often you require cleaning. Do you’ve kids in your house? Maybe a weekly cleaning service for you. Is it just you & your other half working full time? Maybe a monthly cleaning service will be more than adequate. A professional house cleaning firm will help you decide what schedule is best for your requirements.

Bonding, insurance and worker’s compensation:

Does the cleaning firm have the capability to cover the costs of any damage done to your house, any vandalism, or if an injury happens on your premises? If they don’t have this coverage, you could be on the hook for the money, property damaged, items stolen, or injured personnel. A reliable cleaning service must be willing to tell you if they have this coverage and offer duplicates of their protocols upon your request.

Experience, Affiliations & Accreditations:

For how long they have been in this industry? Do they have any accreditations, awards or associations with professional organizations? Many homeowners like to check out these because it makes them feel assured that a cleaning firm is reliable & concerned for their reputation.

Each home has different needs; people, pets, finishes, and whatnot. Your house cleaning service in Charlotte must focus on employing the right tools and products on each surface. You wish your house to look its best but you don’t wish to pay for a service that does a sub-standard job. Find out what sort of quality assurance your Charlotte house cleaning company has. Make sure if the firm has any assurance for their service & find out what it covers in case you feel the need to invoke it.

Pet Owners & House Cleaners – A Perfect Combination

Anyone with an animal will agree that pets are usually one of the happiest & messiest addition to any household. Apart from the contentment of giving a homeless creature an abode to dwell, also having pets offer us adequate reasons to open our doors, our hearts, and …our cleaning cabinets.

When it comes to house cleaning pet owners have a special set of concerns. There is the stains, the dander, the accidents, the footprint and the hair. Staying on top if it is important. That is why a lot of people with pets look for pet-friendly house cleaning in Charlotte.

Why call Furry Friends Clean when you own pets?

Cleaning homes with pets is our speciality. We use healthy cleaning supplies that aren’t just safe for you & your household, but also the animals you share your house with.

·         We vacuum with HEPA filtration, which is competent in removing nearly 99% of allergens & pet dander alongside bacteria and pollen.

·         Our crew clean beneath beds, where plenty of pet dander likes to build up.

·         We add eco-friendly solutions into our cleaning regimens, so you can rest assured that we are employing pet-friendly cleaning products.

·         We dust meticulously to eliminate all the dust and dirt they bring in with their paws.

How often should I clean my home when I have pets in it?

Some pet owners use our pet-friendly house cleaning Charlotte on a weekly or bi-monthly basis, so the pet dander & mess never get out of control. We know that taking away pet odour and urine stains are critical to the wellbeing of your house. Irrespective of how you take it, hiring our pet-friendly home cleaning service can immensely enhance the quality of your life & the quality of your relationship with the animals you share it with.

How to hire the best pet-friendly cleaning service?

·         It sounds clear, but you must find a company who talks about their pet services clearly on their official website. If they don’t mention it, odds are they are not the expert in it.

·         Ensure you meet the cleaning service upfront & offer them the opportunity to view your home and meet any pets they will be looking after. See how they interact with the pets to get a feel for whether this will work for you.

·         Get a list of the cleaning products they employ to confirm they are all animal friendly. You can also supply your own.

Call Furry Friends Clean today to enjoy pet-friendly house cleaning in Charlotte of the highest quality. We will take care of your pets just like you do while making your home spick and span.