Keeping Your House Clean and Tidy with Pets in Charlotte

When you walk inside your home, what is exactly the first thing you notice? Maybe it’s the wet nose or soft purr of a cat or dog, seeking your love and affection. Regardless of what you or your guests notice first, there are certain things that you won’t notice at all – starting with all that pet hair.

Long hair, short hair, light hair – no matter whatever kind of fur your pet has, it’s guaranteed to be found everywhere, if you have a pet at home. In addition to the things to see and smell, you have to deal with less obvious threats to get a healthy and clean home.

From disease spreading bacteria to allergy inducing dander, your four-legged family member can get you sick if you don’t clean up after them. There’s no doubt about it as the daily struggle of every pet owner is real. Fortunately, it’s now possible to keep your home spic and span. Please check out this post and know how:


Keeping your pet clean and hygienic –

The first and foremost step to have a clean house is a clean pet. Obviously, bathing is the only way to clean your pet. Considering once in a month bath will go a long way to keeping your dog or cat looking and feeling their best. Generally, monthly baths will help your pet healthy and clean.

 In addition to, your furry friends need different types of treatments; so be sure to check with your veterinarian for their recommendations. You should apply it regularly in order to protect them from pesky insects and diseases. However, there’s no bug bites that means less scratching, helping you on the clean home front.

If you want to keep your pet clean and bug-free, trim their nails, brush their teeth, and wipe ears as well as eyes. Please remember that, if you brush your pets between baths, it will help you keep your pets clean longer, while removing dander and dirt particles. This makes a smooth distribution of oil while maintaining their coats shiny and hygienic.


Creating pet-friendly residential spaces –

If you want to keep your home looking and smelling fresh, it’s highly recommended that you should keep pets off of furniture. If this sounds difficult, choose a piece of furniture for your pet to make his or her own.

After that, cover the upholstery with a slipcover or blanket that can be washed and removed easily. Alternatively, keep a pet bed in each and every room of your home. This way, your pet will have a nice, soft place to land and you can toss it in the wash as required.

Sprinkle baking soda on carpets and pet beds to absorb bad odors or mix it with water to scrub hard surfaces. Keep in mind that it’s affordable and non-toxic solution. In addition to, wipe down your paws.

To make sure outdoor dirt remains where it belongs, keep an old towel and grooming wipes by the door. It will help you give your pets a wipe down when they come inside. Even, you can buy an absorbent pet mat to trap dirt and moisture particles before making it to your carpet.


Investing in pet-friendly house cleaning supplies

From carpet cleaning supplies to vacuum cleaners, there’s always a pet-specific type of almost every cleaning product and tool you can imagine. While these additional strength products are usually little more expensive, it’s always worth the additional cost.

They are specifically designed to fight against the issues of pets like their hair and smell. They don’t just clean better, make cleaning easier and faster. Otherwise, you can consider hiring a pet friendly house cleaning in Charlotte to help you out.

Bottom Line –

When it comes to choosing the right pet friendly house cleaning service in Charlotte, Furry Friends Residential Cleaning is ready to help. To schedule our Charlotte house cleaning service, please call us now at 704-591-6002.

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