5 Useful Tips for Pet-friendly House Cleaning Near Me in Charlotte

When it comes to house cleaning, the whole aspects related to it can leave you overwhelmed and confused sometimes. But having a pet at home raises the bar. Pets make you happy and are the amazing companions. Most of them are incredibly obedient.

This is the main part about having one or more furry friends at home. But the downside is your house cleaning gets a lot tougher. Most pet owners are experts in reeking couches, rugs and stains that simply won’t come out. The worst part of it is the increasing number of germs and harmful bacteria in the home.

Upon scheduling professional house cleaning near me in Charlotte, you can have a home that can smell fresh and clean regardless the number of pets you have. However, if you’re a homeowner seeking to handle such problems, please check out a few ways to keep your home clean while housing a pet:

  1. Cleaning your pet

Having a clean and tidy home starts with cleaning your pet. Wash your pet regularly. If he gets dirty after playing or taking a walk, use clean water to give him a thorough clean. The materials you would use to clean your pet depend on the type of pet and obviously breed.

It can also help you determine how frequently you give him a bath with soap or shampoo. Cleaning your pet minimizes the spread of dirt and germs as the pet moves around the house.

Cleaning your pet

  1. Keeping right cleaning supplies handy

You should upgrade your cleaning arsenal to materials and tools that can make a great difference in your pet-friendly home. Buy a good quality vacuum cleaner with high suction power to fight against pet hairs and dirt in the home. Use cleaning supplies with a mild fragrance to give the home that fresh smell and make sure it doesn’t irritate your pet.

Keeping right cleaning supplies handy

  1. Handling stains as soon as they occur

An important tip in maintaining pet friendly home clean is to handle stains right away they occur. Don’t let them sit on your floors or fabric for long. Dry up immediately or sweep them depending on stain types.

Use a good quality scented cleaner to wipe out the stains. Make sure that the spot looks as good as new. Try to keep your cleaning supplies closer in order to make you more efficient at handling stains or accidents.

Handling stains as soon as they occur

  1. Upgrading your sofa fabric

Not every pet owner can bear to shove their pets off the sofa all the time. Sometimes, your pet sit on the sofa and you can expect pet hairs, smells and stains time and time again. You can consider leather sofa or something similar. The pet-friendly fabrics are easier to clean and freshen up than other absorbent fabrics.

Upgrading your sofa fabric

  1. Cleaning your carpets

Hand over carpet cleaning task to professional house cleaning company for a deep and rigorous clean. Your carpet may seem clean after sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming. But it’s always suggested to get them cleaned once by scheduling professional house cleaning near me in Charlotte.

Cleaning your carpets

Final consideration –

To complete your valuable efforts, you should keep up with your daily house cleaning regimen. Try to keep all the cleaning supplies clean and dry and in the accessible areas of your home. Teach your pets discipline to get rid of constant accidents happening inside your home.

If all the cleaning and dusting seem overwhelming to tolerate, you can book house cleaning near me in Charlotte NC to help you relieve stress and pressure. Furry Friends House Cleaning specializes in providing superior standard house cleaning near me while helping you to maintain a clean and pet-friendly home. We make sure that you remain happy with your pet and maintain a healthy home.

For immediate help from our house cleaning near me in Charlotte, please contact us as soon as possible and let’s get started!

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