Three Common Myths About Green House Cleaning

Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the popularity of green home cleaning. However, the trend didn’t come easy for the industry as many myths had to be exposed for the industry to thrive.

Before you hire your Charlotte house cleaning service, listed below are the top three common misconceptions regarding green cleaning that you want to consider seriously:


Green cleaning is more expensive than conventional cleaning:

For more than a decade back, when green cleaning begin as an alternative to eco-friendly house cleaning, regular home products were being employed. Nonetheless, the industry has managed to improve significantly on the quality of the products employed, making them readily accessible & more affordable also.


Green cleaning stuffs are a marketing stunt:

When the concern of global warming was raised, the world responded quickly. One of the solid actions done was switching from chemical based cleaning stuffs to environment-friendly substitutes. The wakefulness that the global concern brought prompted the execution of a much better alternative to cleaning stuffs that’d make Mother Earth happy – and your wallet too!


Green cleaning products aren’t as good as typical cleaning stuffs:

Many studies have been done to check the viability & productivity of environment-friendly cleaning stuffs. Astonishingly, majority of the green cleaning stuffs work as efficiently as the commercial cleaning stuffs – some of which are even more productive and affordable.

At Furry Friends Clean we care about our clients’ health and also the environment. Our professional Charlotte made service exclusively use non-toxic eco-friendly and pet-friendly cleaning products that are absolutely safe for your kids, pets and the atmosphere. Our goal is to eradicate the health & environmental risks concerned with cleaning stuffs & services, and we make sure a safe environment for you as well as your family.

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