Top Spring Cleaning Mistakes Most Homeowners Are Habituated to Make

Another year, another article telling how you to spring clean your house. Not So! We are here to let you know what not to do when giving your Charlotte home the deep clean it deserves during this time of the year.

Here are a few cleaning errors you wish to avoid this spring.

Starting without any proper plan in place:

Most homeowners make the error of starting to clean their home without putting together a plan in place. In place of just diving in, we recommend to start cleaning upstairs and make your way down or start on one side of the home if your property is a single story. Then move from one room to the other, managing one room at a time.

Cleaning a room from floor to ceiling:

Some people start cleaning a room by mopping or vacuuming floors, which is the incorrect approach. Just think; in the event you clean the floor, only to then discard dirt and dust to the ground from blinds, furniture and ceiling fans, you will need to clean the floor once more. The best thing you can do is begin from the top & work your way down. You can start by removing dust and cobwebs on the ceiling, then dust furniture, wipe walls, doors, and witches prior to cleaning the floor.

Drying surfaces with paper towels:

Microfiber or cotton fabrics are also more competent for drying surfaces than paper towels – and they won’t leave lint behind. Another reason to avoid employing paper towels; many homeowners have rough surfaces which can damage delicate TV screens or furniture.

Not opening windows while cleaning:

Ventilation is critical when you are employing cleaning solutions. The simple work of opening windows can offset the indoor air pollution from cleaning products & make it easier for you and everyone inside to breathe.

Cranking your air conditioning system won’t sort out the issue, since the majority of cooling and heating system doesn’t bring fresh air mechanically into the home from outdoors.

Cleaning the windows on a sunny day:

Although sunlight can help illumine how dirty your windows are, you are better off washing them on a dry, cloudy day. Why? Because strong heat coming from the sun will dry clean fluid more quickly, which could leave hard-to-remove streaks or stains?

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