Tips To Keep Your House Clean & Healthy Year-Round

A cluttered and dirty home is a breeding ground for dirt, insects, rodents, bacteria and viruses. These can prompt both short and long-term health concerns for your as well as your household. For the safety of those you care about, it is critical to maintaining the cleanliness of your home, whether you do it on your own or appoint professional Charlotte house cleaning service. Listed below are a few simple things you can do to make sure you keep dirt, germs, and creepy crawlies out of your house.

Make your bed in the morning:

It may look like a needless task, but having your bed made in the morning helps you in keeping your sheets free of the dust that glides through the air all day. Also, it makes an immense difference in the overall look of your sleeping quarters. For your knowledge, a relaxing, mess-free bedroom has been associated with a more soothing sleeping experience. 


Having stuff makes rooms for germs to multiply very quickly. Checking out things you’ve piled up every month and throwing everything you have not used helps in keeping your house clean & organized.

Reserve a day of the month to declutter and decide what to keep and what to give away.

Keep your floors clean:

Stuff on the floor not just makes the whole room looks messy, but it also can be a safety risk. If your household consists of small kids or senior members, this is especially critical in avoiding trip & fall mishaps.

Also, keeping the floor free of mess will make it simpler to clean dirt, grime, or spills first.

Discard garbage from your house every night:

Keeping garbage in your house overnight lures germs & other critters to come and live with you. Also, it’s the most widespread cause of bad odours that can take over a room within a few hours. Discarding your garbage every night will make sure you breathe fresh air every morning.

Wash dishes every night:

Make washing dishes every night a habit. Just like throwing trash, washing dishes keep rodents and insects from being lured to the kitchen, and decreases the odds of foul smells. If you use a dishwasher, run the cycle prior to going to bed, allowing the dishes to dry overnight. In the event you wash my hands, let them dry completely prior to putting them away.

If you wish to keep your house clean year-round, professional House Cleaning Service Charlotte from Furry Friends Clean can lend you the helping hand. Call us today to get a quote!

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